The main differences between Recruiter and Headhunter
Great article on the differences between recruiters and headhunters. I especially like the fact that this article sheds some light on the types of headhunters.

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Read a great article on stupid interview questions.


This is the skills you need to have!

Great article on top skills  This list is great and as an experienced headhunter, I feel these skills are very important for anybody who is serious about considering growing their skill base especially when considering a move into a more senior role. utm_source=Careers24&utm_medium=Content

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The Victim Mentality Candidate

Over the course of my 24 years as a headhunter, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates and also forwarded many candidates for many interviews with a diverse client base.

I do believe that in South Africa we suffer from what I call the victim mentality”. From very early on in our careers we are told that there are massive amounts of unemployed people walking the streets. The fear of the dreaded interview or unemployment failure is embedded into us almost immediately without us even starting work. This constant flow of negative publicity is brought to us through all sorts of formats especially in the media and recruiters.
Once we are in a position to start looking for work and starting to apply and then start with interviews there is an element of fear already in our minds especially when it comes to the actual face to face interview. I often meet and interview candidates who tell me at the beginning of the interview that hey do you not think they will find a job and even worse find a jo…

Demystifying the job specification

One of the vital aspects of any move is your ability to successfully interpret the job specification and for many, this elusive document carries with it information that provides no insight into the vacant role. However, there is a part of the job specification that is always left out and is actually vitally important - who was the incumbent in the role and why did they leave. (that's if the role is not a new) 

I all cases the name of the person is never provided and the reason for that person leaving is also very seldom provided. But why is this an important bit of information that is left out of the process especially for the job seeker? Here are some ways to unearth this key piece of information. 

Interview research 

When moving into the interview process knowing the background of the incumbent who left the position can provide an absolutely vital piece of the puzzle. This small bit of info can give you a head start in the interview process. By using LinkedIn as your research tool …

Resume VS Detail CV - the ultimate showdown

Resume VS Detail CV - the ultimate showdown  by Rob Ridout

So what is the difference, you ask. Actually, it is simple. The resume is a one or two pager and the detailed CV is the old school four to six pager. Yes, six pages. So that was an easy answer but when to use what document is a slightly more complicated issue. But of course not impossible to understand.  Here are some of my guidelines. 
When applying for any role read the advertisement carefully. Most recruiters and especially HR managers will request either a Resume or Detail CV.  As with most advertised roles, there is usually an overwhelming response from applicants; the HR manager will ask for a resume rather than a Detail CV as to ensure that they spend less time screening and more time shortlisting. Remembering again that most HR practitioners loath recruitment and try around spending to much time on this very mundane task. 
“Loading” your resume
When applying for a role most candidates just don’t seem to t…

The Recruiter – your hired gun

The Recruiter – your hired gunby Rob Ridout

Most people seem to think that the recruiter’s role is one that is owed to society, somebody who has been selected to represent every available candidate. This is a misconception.
A recruiter is a business person who needs to pay the bills just like you. They have targets, bosses and goals to meet. And as such often suffer under immense pressure. Never forget this as it will ensure you less sleepless nights if you experience poor service delivery from your recruiter. Utilising the recruiter is of vital importance when achieving your goals as set out in your career engagement plan. Many people underestimate the importance of the recruiter and the importance of managing the recruiter in the right way. The recruiter is there to earn money, you are their ticket to that paycheque, so working with the recruiter ensures benefits for both. An experienced recruiter will make certain that you never think that you are being placed for money only. Remembe…

Article on best countries to work in - Rob Ridout

Article on best countries to work in. 
Great article on the best countries to work in. I am especially finding a lot more of my clients enquiring about Canada. Email me if you need your CV prepared for an overseas role.

Will you be interviewed by a robot in 2018

Will you be interviewed by a robot in 2018
Fixing the interview process and diversifying their workforce are top of mind at companies looking to add staff this year, according to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends. And some of them are turning to robots and chatbots to help. LinkedIn’s new report surveyed 8,800+ recruiters and hiring managers on how these trends would impact hiring in 2018. Those polled indicated that AI is gaining steam because it’s a timesaver (67%), removes human bias (43%), and delivers the best candidate matches (31%). More than half of survey respondents also found AI to be most effective for sourcing candidates (58%), screening (56%), and nurturing candidates (55%).
Case studies outlined in the report show how companies like U.K.-based Vodaphone are tapping that power for interviewing over 50,000 candidates for its call center and customer service roles, which start with video interviews.
Once candidates record themselves answering standardized questions, “robots …