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2018 Talent Salesman - Fact or Fiction?

Rob Ridout Career Coach CV Writer 2017 - The world changed. For talent around the world, the dream had come true...choice! In the dark ages, we found our jobs in print newspapers. Recruiters and companies advertised their roles in alphabetical order on uncoated paper. We waited patiently every week for these large publications to release their staffing inserts. The ultimate problem!  A single communicator (the recruiter) speaking to an audience who had no opportunity to speak back let alone ask questions. Just press the send button on the fax and hope for the best. That's right - the good old fax. (Another soon to be outlawed technology dinosaur)  This was the world where the headhunter reigned supreme, with the ability to find and sell their opportunities in a space where top talent indeed was “hard to find.” The golf course became the place to be seen - the ultimate hunting ground, the extended boardroom. Even the newspapers such as the Sunday times had teams of design

Interview killers

It is always amazing to me that when I call my candidates after their interviews, I am greeted with some form of puzzled feedback. Even after preparing my candidates before their interview one never quite knows what will be said at an actual meeting. Due to the short interview time frame, the interviewer will only need one or two reasons to discount a candidate. Often these interview killers are simple and easily solvable issues that could have been avoided altogether.  Many times interviews killers are essential questions that just need to be asked at another time in the interview or phrased differently. There is also a list of questions that you just never need to ask.  To read another great article on interview tips visit this link on my blog. These are just a few questions that kill an interview immediately;  (You will know that your interview is dead in the water when the inte

2018 Trends to Watch

This is a great article on possible 2018 trends written by HR Daily Advisor follow the link to get the entire article. 2018 Trends to Watch: 6 Trends That Will Impact Employers Hiring & Recruiting ,  Strategic HR   HR Daily Advisor Editorial Staff   Thursday - December 14, 2017 As 2017 comes to a close and the talent landscape continues to evolve, Randstad US released its expert analysis on  hiring and workplace trends for the next year . With employment increasing by an average of 167,000 jobs per month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor market remains competitive, and employers will need new strategies to attract top talent and meet business demands. “Technology has significantly impacted business models in nearly every sector,” said Alan Stukalsky, chief digital officer, Randstad North America—in a  press release . “The growing STEM skill shortage, AI b

Reason for leaving - Truth or Dare

CVforLife provides career advice, career guidance and CV writing During my time as a recruiter, I have seen CV’s with many different stories to tell. One element that most recruiters will spend some time on when screening CV’s is to trying understand why a candidate has left their previous companies and why they would like to move now.  For me as successful recruiter identifying a candidates “move motivators” is a critical part of successfully placing a candidate who will stay with a company. Individuals who have a history of moving frequently can spell disaster for any recruiters client relationship. However, there needs to be a careful balance when identifying reasons for leaving vs time stayed in a company. There is, of course, the chance that candidates may not disclose the entire truth to the recruiter or hiring manager regards their previous move motivators while being interviewed. An experienced recruiter can however very quickly establish the real reason for leaving d

Show me the money!

We all crave the successes of moving up the company ladder. However, an overriding reason for moving is that of money! That green-eyed little monster that plays havoc with our emotions when moving jobs and companies.  Many of us jump without actually preparing for a money negotiation and often find ourselves in the midst of an offer, negotiating a new salary without having considered what our expectation is and why or even worse negotiating a salary that is entirely too high.  So where does the process of salary negotiation really begin? Well, where most of us would never have thought it would - it starts with your reason for leaving.  The hate factor  So now you have decided you want to move and you really do WANT to move!!! But hold on, before taking that move stop for a moment and identify what it is that has prompted you to make this all-important decision. Could it be one of the following reasons? bad corporate culture  no room to grow  boss to young

Are you an Opportunistic Candidate?

Most candidates that I assist in my career coaching business move into the market with great reluctance. There is an assumption that the experience will be one of pain and entirely unrewarding. Attitude is by far the most significant reason for people failing when looking for work in the market. This fear of impending death by strangulation manifesting itself as a non-opportunistic mindset has one significant drawback - poor career moves. So how do you change this mindset and get yourself into the market with an opportunistic mindset?  When career coaching I push all my candidates to change their attitude radically. These immediate changes include looking at all opportunities in the market, expand your efforts by using different go to market channels, don’t think of the job market as a deep hole with minimal opportunities and the list goes on.  Here are some practical ways to change this bad habit.  Consider many roles - do not be too picky  When in the market I