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This is the skills you need to have!

Great article on top skills  This list is great and as an experienced headhunter, I feel these skills are very important for anybody who is serious about considering growing their skill base especially when considering a move into a more senior role. utm_source=Careers24&utm_medium=Content For a free assessment on your CV - or visit my website Rob assists his clients as a career coach and CV/Resume writer. His business CVforLife based in Johannesburg offers  career coaching services and career counselling as well as CV and resume writing services .  #CareerCoach#CVwriter#ExecutiveCVwriter#Resumewriter#LinkedInwriter#Employability

The Victim Mentality Candidate

Over the course of my 24 years as a headhunter, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates and also forwarded many candidates for many interviews with a diverse client base. I do believe that in South Africa we suffer from what I call the victim mentality”. From very early on in our careers we are told that there are massive amounts of unemployed people walking the streets. The fear of the dreaded interview or unemployment failure is embedded into us almost immediately without us even starting work. This constant flow of negative publicity is brought to us through all sorts of formats especially in the media and recruiters. Once we are in a position to start looking for work and starting to apply and then start with interviews there is an element of fear already in our minds especially when it comes to the actual face to face interview. I often meet and interview candidates who tell me at the beginning of the interview that hey do you not think they will find a job and even wors

Demystifying the job specification

One of the vital aspects of any move is your ability to successfully interpret the job specification and for many, this elusive document carries with it information that provides no insight into the vacant role. However, there is a part of the job specification that is always left out and is actually vitally important - who was the incumbent in the role and why did they leave.  (that's if the role is not a new)  I all cases the name of the person is never provided and the reason for that person leaving is also very seldom provided. But why is this an important bit of information that is left out of the process especially for the job seeker? Here are some ways to unearth this key piece of information.  Interview research  When moving into the interview process knowing the background of the incumbent who left the position can provide an absolutely vital piece of the puzzle. This small bit of info can give you a head start in the interview process. By usin