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Article on best countries to work in - Rob Ridout

Article on best countries to work in.  Great article on the best countries to work in. I am especially finding a lot more of my clients enquiring about Canada. Email me if you need your CV prepared for an overseas role.

Will you be interviewed by a robot in 2018

Will you be interviewed by a robot in 2018 Fixing the interview process and diversifying their workforce are top of mind at companies looking to add staff this year, according to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends. And some of them are turning to robots and chatbots to help. LinkedIn’s new report  surveyed 8,800+ recruiters and hiring managers on how these trends would impact hiring in 2018. Those polled indicated that  AI is gaining steam because it’s a timesaver (67%), removes human bias (43%), and delivers the best candidate matches (31%) . More than half of survey respondents also found AI to be most effective for sourcing candidates (58%), screening (56%), and nurturing candidates (55%). Case studies outlined in the report show how companies like U.K.-based Vodaphone are tapping that power for interviewing over 50,000 candidates for its call center and customer service roles, which start with video interviews. Once candidates record themselves answering st
Resume VS Detail CV - the ultimate showdown!  by Rob Ridout So what is the difference, you ask. Actually, it's simple. The resume is a one or two pager and the detailed CV is the old school four to six pager. Yes, six pages. So that was an easy answer but when to use what document is a slightly more complicated issue. But of course not impossible to understand.  Here are some of my guidelines.  When applying for any role read the advertisement carefully. Most recruiters and especially HR managers will request either a Resume or Detail CV.  As with most advertised roles, there is usually an overwhelming response from applicants; the HR manager will ask for a resume rather than a Detail CV as to ensure that they spend less time screening and more time shortlisting. Remembering again that most HR practitioners loath recruitment and try around spending to much time on this very mundane task.  “Loading” your resume When applying for a