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Get a Career Plan together today

GET TOGETHER A CAREER PLAN TODAY!                                The Three-Phase Plan That’s Actually Practical The three-phase plan I’m about to give you was inspired by my mentor Michael Gerber, who once gave me this great nugget of wisdom: “You need to dream big, think small and act even smaller.” The key to this nugget of wisdom is that it helps us break our future plans into three phases so we can think in the long-, mid- and short-term. It looks like this: • The Three-Year Vision (dream big in the long-term) • The One-Year Goal (think small in the mid-term) • The 90-Day Milestones (act even smaller in the short-term) Separating your plan into these three distinct phases will give you just the right balance of those two types of connections (motivational and rational) necessary to create real results. But you must have all three phases for this to work. If you just have the long-term vision, there won’t be enough implementation -- you’ll just be daydreaming all day

Photos in your CV - yes or no.

         Should you include photos in your CV? Great article on this topic.            LOOKING FOR A HIGH IMPACT CV AND LINKEDIN PROFILE WITH PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS ★   CVforLife specialises in writing and designing bespoke CV designs. We are the only CV writing business in South Africa that includes a professional photo with all our packages. We use this photo in both your CV and LinkedIn profiles.   ★Contact us today for a free assessment and quote.   Carike ✉ ☏ +27 10 0355013   ✔ We are offering special packages for retrenched individuals   We also offer ✔ Career coaching ✔ Interview coaching ✔ International CV