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Interview Blacklist by Rob Ridout

It is always amazing to me that when I call my candidates after their interviews, I am greeted with some form of puzzled feedback. Even after preparing my candidates before their interview one never quite knows what will be said at an actual meeting. Due to the short interview time frame, the interviewer will only need one or two reasons to discount a candidate. Often these interview killers are simple and easily solvable issues that could have been avoided altogether.  Many times interviews killers are essential questions that just need to be asked at another time in the interview or phrased differently. There is also a list of questions that you just never need to ask. To read another great article on interview tips visit this link on my blog. These are just a few questions that kill an interview immediately;  (You will know that your interview is dead in the water when the in

Recruiters perspective on the interview

Recruiters perspective on the interview Great Article